Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Party Animal - Kitty the Squid

Kitty the Bobtail Squid
A real party animal, she is tattooed with swirls and a starfish.
Her moonstone eyes reflect the glow of party lights as she jams to Weezer's Beverly Hills.

This weekend was Babette the Bobtail squid & Treasure box classes with Gordon Uyehara & Louise Duhamel at Breabeadworks. Taking classes with Gordon and Louise is always fun, and the weekend just flew by! Now to finish my Treasure box...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Things are budding

Bird of Paradise - Dole plantation Gardens, Oahu.

The time change this weekend reminds me Spring is coming. With it, opportunities to grow as an artist and teacher. I recently completed the Senior Level Certification course through Art Clay World , and got to spend time with friends in Hawaii. The work didn't really start until I came home and had to start dealing with motivating myself to the next level. Setting up to teach, figuring out insurance and other paper work needed for a business, and getting in the mood to focus on making some of the things in my sketchbook.

This week I've been working on writing an Artist Biography. It wasn't the bio itself that has taken a lot of time, but psyching myself up to sit down and write it. The Yahoo Metal Clay Group has had an interesting discussion about Art and Fear. It seems that everyone runs into fear of failure issues, and the only way to work through the feeling is to confront it with confidence through action. To that end, I'm grateful to have friends who cheerlead me along the way by talking me through each rambling thought in my head! For the moment I'll just enjoy the fact that I have accomplished one thing this week, we'll see what happens next week.

P.S. Bobtail squid (look up this critter!) & Tiny Treasure box ring classes this weekend with Gordon Uyehara & Louise Duhamel, yay!