Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Updates, Calamari & Caviar

This past week or two has been a bit of a crunch with looming deadlines, but gotta plan if one wants to have summer plans I suppose!

Quick update on RAW projects, as I've fallen behind I've decided that my goal is now to complete 52 rings this year. Continuing to plug away at the rings slowly will at least give me the satisfaction of being able to work on pet projects along with other obligations. Better late than never :)

RAW 6/52 Calamari & Cavier

I've been intrigued how to drape clay into an anticlastic curve before firing. The shape of the extruded ring band made me think of a fried calamari ring. Of course, where there are fried calamari rings, there are tentacle bits. & really, if you were an octopus, where else would be a good hiding place than inside a calamari ring? Made the week ACS took a price jump, going for the good stuff - fine silver & a diamond.

Diamond from my "rockhound fairy godmother" to experiment on.

RAW7/52 Leaf Wrap

The curved leafy focal was textured with paste and fired in its curve. The open band was attached to the focal but fired flat and shaped after firing. The band had a curved side and wavy side resulting in a slightly tapered band. Slightly adjustable, it is also comfortable to wear.

Still experimenting with photography, both rings were set on glazed black ceramic tiles and shot outside in full sunlight.

On a side note, other RAW rings not posted here are are on Flikr.