Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's on my desk?

A la the Twitter question "What are you doing?," here's what's on my desk:

Did you know after bead shows people scavenge for stuff vendors drop or leave behind?? As everyone was packing up after the Pasadena Bead show, poking around for beads was like following a trail of sparkly bread crumbs!

I've been puttering with this clasp on & off since the Pasadena show. Made a mold out of the wooden bead, did a bit of carving, added a back plate, figured out a toggle bar, everything fired ok (yay!) & when I started stringing the beads for a bracelet.....the toggle fits through the main holes in the clasp, but the jumpring connecting the toggle to the beads doesn't!!


Opps. Now what can I do besides using a S-hook for the catch? That would be a bit funny, fish hooks & mermaids...

Besides this bit of puttering, I took a Cold connections class (very fun!) & I've gotta get my tush in gear for a library fundraiser in a couple weeks. Catch ya later! :)

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