Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gallery girls!

Being hyped up on coffee at the end of a weekend hanging with crafty friends and teaching means time to update tardy posts!

The Fabulous Fabrications show was a great experience last weekend. Candace and I had a 6 foot table we were splitting, and even though we'd talked about it, there was a lot to learn as we went. From thinking about the pieces that define our style, narrowing down the pieces for a coherent display, and finding out what things to pack - had a stapler, but never got around to packing table risers! Other than that, glue dots for crafting were unexpectedly our best friend for holding chains of heavier pendants onto our display busts and securing light weight displays.

It was nice meeting and being in a room with other artists who hadn't shown at the show before too. At the end of the show, both Candace and I were asked to submit pieces for their gallery. So we're gallery girls now, yay!

Me and Ms. Candace

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