Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2012 Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry calendar

My Furl Ring has been included in Holly Gage's  2012 Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry calendar! I always look forward to seeing what she and her team of jurors select. This year's panel included Emma Baird, Tracy Spurgin, and Lesley Messam. Thank you all for your time and effort to put the calendar together and sharing your experience with us!

Photo by: Lorri Gabbani

Furl Ring
Michelle Loon, 2011

Deer antlers in fine silver.

The concept for this ring started as a play on the words "furrule" and "furl". Naturally shed, these antler tips were left over from making a ferrule for a cue stick. Hearing the about how the furrules were made on a lathe made made me think of unfurling ferns.

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