Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What is your POW?

BAM and POW earrings by Stereoette

Ever have one of those weeks where you have a million and one project ideas, suddenly 2 weeks have gone by without doing a single one? That is what my friends Candace and Leen have been discussing. We all have day jobs and sometimes finding the energy or focus for our art is a battle.
Be it actual projects, an intriguing technique that keeps getting pushed aside, or just tackling a dreaded pile of paper work, just trying get things done. And have fun of course!

Sunday was copper clay play day with Candace. These are pieces made with Art Clay copper. As there are many different copper clays out right now, the neat thing about this clay is that it is premixed, can be fired in about 30 minutes and doesn't require carbon for firing. It does develop a layer of black oxidation, which admittedly still hasn't been cleaned off yet. I like the patina on the key with the stone, most of these are waiting for the addition of silver clay though.

Biff, Bam, WIP-POW!

WIP = Work In Progress
(P)POW = (Pet) Project Of the Week.

Care to join our quest? Leave a comment, the more the merrier!

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