Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Must be Related

Week 3's rings for Ring(s) A Week were inspired by my youngest brother and all his teenage glory over the weekend. The rings are made of paper & an internet picture of one of my brother's favorite characters when he was younger.

Week 3 RAW: Comic Rings
(Angry Pikachu image by Beebarb)

If I was a webcomic artist I would draw the panels, but as I'm not here's the back story of gory details. Mostly for me to use as blackmail when he's older, I will say there is a RAW work in progress update at the end of this post.

Me: Hi! How's the homew...interweb chat...?
Bro: (types on compy) Hi, eh..
Me: (looks at blank page) What are you doing for Japanese class?
Bro: (types) ...brb..
Me: uh, is BRB enough time to finish this page? Is your page upside down?
Bro: You're worse than mom
Me: ouch

TV room, sometime after everyone is in bed, almost.

Bro: (walks in) Are done being Mom-ish yet?
Me: (?!!!)
Are you wearing a blanket??
leaves, comes back to play video games
Me: So...a
re you going to be able to get up tomorrow?
well, technically...(insert speech here)


Me: I'm going to bed..(need to walk between tv and bro)
Bro: My concentration can't be broken right now! You don't understand, I've been working on this for 3 weeks!!


As mom said, "Don't you remember being a teenager? I remember too well!"

*ahem* yes...see my desk?

This week friends at work who are doing Ring/Thing A Week have decided to coordinate and make Wednesday our Show and Tell day. As it is almost Wednesday, here is my update as I don't quite have rings made yet!

After debating for the longest time (hey, look at the cool shapes! :D but the cleaning, nooo!) I now have an extruder for my clay. After a lot of fiddling, cleaning, and opening additional packets clay (really? how many ways can 2 caps be screwed onto a pipe for this to work?!) things look promising for the moment. The extruder hasn't quite squeezed its way into the fave tool box...yet, it does have potential.

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