Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ring A Week - RAW Intention

2010 mini "party animals"

A New Year means time to start a new sketchbook! Though my digital sketchbook has been rather sparse on entries, the intention for more updates on activities this year is here.

Ever get so wrapped up in thinking about the logistics of how something would work, that it feels like all the energy needed to physically make the project has already been spent? Hearing about challenges makes me head straight for my sketchbook, trying to figure things out until suddenly time's up. I think a week is a manageable time frame for me to focus on completing a project. Something more "fun" to feed my inner artist and keep momentum going.

Started last year as Ring A Day, a group of artists on Flikr have a Ring A Week (RAW) photo pool going for this year. The goal is to make a ring every week from materials of your choice & share it with others.

The finished ring turned out a bit more raw than expected. I wanted to showcase the raw materials or unpolished look of silver clay right after firing. As much as seeing them bothered my sense of craftsmanship, the cracks and bumps were left as they were to show some of the metal's previous state of a clay form. The front of the letters were brushed with a brass brush and the edges of the letters burnished to show a bit of the evolution of finishing. The band is made of sterling silver wire.

This ring is my Intention for 2011. To participate more in the metal clay/ jewelry community, teach, and refine my skills as an artist. Other than that, I can't wait to see what other people create!


  1. Thanks! your ring turned out really fun, what's up for this week?