Saturday, April 18, 2009

She's gone crafting

So it seems this whole blogging thing will take some practice! Either way, here's a some of the shenanigans that has been bouncing 'round my brain:

In the debate over cupcakes or scones today, the winner is scones!

These are Mango-honey scones, recipe adopted from
I really like how the dough puffed up & became ginormous after baking! As I haven't made scones before, I'm not sure if the dough was stiff from over mixing or from the frozen mangoes, seems to taste ok though.

Last weekend I hung out with a friend at the craft store she works at & got in touch with my crafter roots again :) They had blank canvases decorated with paper, fabric, maribu, etc. What started as a started as a mini-folding screen idea, somehow turned into a jewelry (or scone!) box of sorts.

The canvases are 8x10, the side with the mesh is a regular artist's canvas, & the other side is a deeper gallery style canvas. The insides of the canvases are painted with black acrylic paint, & the hardware cloth attached with a staple gun.

The little the hinges & upholstery tacks ar so cute! <3

Surprising to me, only 1 "fat quarter" of fabric was needed, which included some overlap so the edges of the fabric could be folded in neatly. The fabric is attached to the face of the canvases with spray mount & at the edges with upholstery tacks. The latch & hinges screwed easily into the the canvas & fabric.

No plans for jewelry stuff & look what happens, go figure! :P

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