Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tsuru crane carving

Has it really been a week since Breabeadworks' Bead Away in Las Vegas? Well, obviously there's been too much fun (& tool unpacking) to be had!

I took a carving workshop with Gordon Uyehara, & learned how scrape/carve a tsuru out of a flat piece of clay. It was challenging, fun when you get into the groove of it (haha), & something I want to keep playing with. Besides learning the techniques highlighted in the projet & being able to hang out with clay buddies, I also get the reminder to have patience & be gentle with my pieces. Common sense, but still a good reminder!

So it seems my claying has also spread to some of my friends, though in polymer. I <3 getting other people into crafts, don't you? :D

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