Saturday, April 25, 2009

Time out from jewelry making for more jewelry!

There's something brewing this week, requiring a 3 day weekend, but more on that later. :) Today's break involved stepping away from the clay to go to a jewelry & handmade soap/candle party held by a fellow jewelry making coworker. It's relaxing to step out of my busy bee mind for a couple hrs & hanging out with people I don't run into or talk to everyday.

I DO find it funny how "hey, can I use this for my clay!" pops up at utterly random times!

Essential clutter in my craftspace includes a lightbulb & neck massager that have never been used for their intended purposes. The deoderant looking thing is a soy lotion bar that I'm highly tempted to add to my clay kit as that tin of Burt's bee's in the corner is looking a bit sad!

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